About Us

The goal of Troop 772 is to train youth in responsible citizenship, character development, and self-reliance through participation in a wide range of outdoor activities and educational programs. Typical scouting values such as trustworthiness, good citizenship, and outdoors skills are taught through a variety of activities including camping, hiking, aquatics, and more!  Our scouts learn life skills while building life long relationships. 

Troop 772 is an active group, compromised of Scouts, 1 Scoutmaster, multiple Assistant Scoutmasters, multiple patrols and youth leaders, many committee members, and parent volunteers.

There's always something exciting going on!

Activities - Troop 772 offers camping, hiking, high adventure, community service opportunities, summer camp participation and much more!
Camping Gear/Hiking Gear Included - All major camping and hiking gear will be provided by the Troop (does not include personal items; such as sleeping bags, pads, mess kits and personal belongings).
FREE Merit Badges - Merit Badges to achieve the rank of Eagle (plus many others) are offered for FREE within the Troop.
Troop Website & Facebook - Our communication is organized and structured. Our website will keep you up to date on all activities, outings and adventures while our social media allows you to share achievements, successes, fun and adventure. 

Troop 772 is a Traditional Boy-Led Unit

Youth Leadership - The Troop is lead by an elected youth called a Senior Patrol Leader (SPL) and assisted by multiple Assistant Senior Patrol Leaders (ASPL). Each Patrol is lead by a Patrol Leader (PL), and some are assisted by Troop Guides (TG). Other positions may include Troop Scribe, Quartermasters, Librarian, etc. Youth leadership is elected by Scouts twice each year.  
Patrols - Troop 772 adopts traditional Scouting methods, meaning Scouts are divided into Patrols of 8-10 members.  Each Patrol has a youth leader called a Patrol Leader (PL) and is supervised by an adult leader called a Patrol Advisor (PA). The role of the Patrol Advisor is to mentor the Patrol Leader and communicate with parents, while remaining invisible to the youth members of the patrol. 


Meetings are held at Mission Lutheran Church (MLC), located on the corner of La Paz and Yosemite in Laguna Niguel. 
Meeting days are typically on Monday from 6:30pm to 7:30/8:00pm. 
The 1st Monday of each month is a Troop wide meeting called the Eagles Nest. Parents and Scouts are invited to attend this monthly meeting. The meeting is planned and run by the youth with the Scoutmaster and Assistant Scoutmasters attending as well. At this meeting the Troop discusses upcoming events and plans, shares adventures, and recognizes individual achievements and experiences. 
The 3rd Monday of each month is a Patrol Leaders Council (PLC).  The PLC is like the Board Directors of an organization.  The participants are the youth leaders including SPL, ASPL's and PL's. The PLC votes on matters relating to Scouts such as desired outings/events, discipline policies, etc.  The Scoutmaster communicates decisions made at the PLC to the Troop Committee.  
The 2nd and 4th Monday of each month are when individual Patrols gather.  Each Patrol is assigned its own private meeting area. PL's plan and run their meeting based on the direction they have received at the PLC. Patrol meetings are led by the youth Patrol Leaders, supervised by an adult leader (PA) and are attended by Scouts only.

Additional Information

 Scouts and parents are required to sign a yearly Code of Conduct Agreement as part of the documents collected for the re-chartering of the unit.
One adult from each Scout family is requested to volunteer in some capacity. Scouts is a 100% volunteer run organization. Without your help, we cannot offer a quality program.
 Troop 772 is an uniformed unit, meaning that Troop 772 Scouts are not permitted to mix Scout uniform with non-scouting attire such as jeans! Parents are required to acquire uniforms for Scouts. The Troop has a uniform recycle program for those that wish to trade or donate outgrown attire and supplies.
 The Troop makes available outings, classes, and service opportunities that will enable your Scout to advance. Each individual Scout that wishes to pursue advancement must systematically follow the guidelines of the BSA program.
Scouts are asked to only part-take in Eagle required Merit Badges that are taught by Troop 772, offered through District or Council organized events/facilities or those offered through approved BSA summer camp programs.

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If you think Troop 772 is the right unit for your Scout, your family, or members of your den, the next
step is for you to attend a meeting, observe, and interact with our Scouts and leaders. We would love to meet you!

You may contact us by selecting the 'Contact Us' link on the left side of our home page to establish a time for your visit.