Troop 772 is once again a recipient of the Journey to Excellence - Gold Unit Award. That means we adhere to the highest BSA standards and offer a quality recognized program to our scouts. 


Congratulations on your decision to support your son's adventure. The Boy Scouts of America provide a youth leadership program that will last a life time. Scouting builds character, teaches outdoor skills, citizenship skills, involves youth in exciting activities, leadership, and much more.

Troop 772 provides all camping gear: tents, backpacks, stoves, patrol gear & more! All your scout needs is his personal gear. The Troop offers all the required Eagle Merit Badge courses for FREE, including support to reach the rank of Eagle Scout.  

 To Join: Turn in a fully completed new member packet. Have questions, or need to drop-off packet ... Contact membership@troop772.com.

Eagle Project: HELP NEEDED - Cole Cook

Posted by cwilliams on Jul 9 2024 - 6:32pm

Saturday, July 27th - 8 AM to 12 PM

We are removing and installing new signs on the Cub Scout side of the Trail to Eagle at the Laguna Niguel Botanical Gardens.

Scouts will get credit for Community Service hours. 

★ More Information and RSVP - Click Here


Posted by cwilliams on Jul 9 2024 - 6:32pm

End of summer party and Court of Honor at Laguna Niguel Regional Park

★ Save the date - more details to follow!

Fishing Merit Badge with OCBSA - July 11 or August 7

Posted by cwilliams on Jul 9 2024 - 6:31pm

Ocean fishing trips leaving Dana Wharf Fishing at 6:30am and return to the docks at about 12 noon

★ Cost - $60 per person. The normal price is about $103. This includes boat, tackle, rod, reel, breakfast and crew tip. We are grateful for the sponsorship by Friends of Rollo, who is a foundation who supports youth fishing.

Over 16 requires a fishing license as well
Remember to get your blue card approved with the scoutmaster before beginning a merit badge

RSVP with OCBSA - Cliick Here

Engineering Merit Badge - Virtual

Posted by cwilliams on Jul 9 2024 - 6:31pm

The Harley-Davidson Museum offers the engineering merit badge program directly with their virtual online Engineering Merit Badge!

All 9 requirements will be covered with a BSA approved merit badge counselor who has current YPT certification.

 Sessions are offered nearly every Tuesday evening at 6:30pm CST or Saturday morning at 8:30am CST.

Pre-Work: There are 4 activities to complete prior to the virtual session. These activities are things that cannot be done in a virtual setting. They should not take more than 1 or 2 hours. Instructions for these activities will be sent out after registration has been received.

Remember to get your blue card approved with the scoutmaster before beginning a merit badge

★ More Information and Registration - Click Here

The troop is in need of parents to step-up and teach Merit Badges - It's fun & easy!

Posted by cwilliams on May 10 2022 - 7:36pm
Teaching  a MB class once a year (or team teaching with a partner) allows your scout FREE MB classes taught by other parents within the troop. Without Troop MB Counselors, parents will have to go outside the troop and pay $75-$200+ for each of the 14 (out of 17) required MB classes needed to obtain the Rank of Eagle. Although Eagle MB's are our first priority, you can teach a variety of elective MB's too. To view all 137 MB's - Click here. Training-mentoring is provided. We can easily guide you through the process. 
★ How to become a MB Counselor: Click here
★ 58 MB's that can be started at home  - Click here
★ For more info, contact - ASM Kevin Hutchinson

Revised Sewing Service Prices: Patches - Hems - Fast Service - Easy Drop Off & Pick Up - Best Pricing!

Posted by cwilliams on Mar 3 2022 - 1:38pm

Revised Pricing for Scout Patches & HemsSewn by a Local Scout Family - Fast Service - Easy Drop Off & Pick Up - Formal BSA Placement - Still the Best Deal in Town ... For Details - Click Here   

 Patches Sewn On  - $2
● Patches Removed - $1
● Pocket Patch (keeping pocket functional) - $4
● Hems - $10