On the Road w/the Trailmasters

Posted on Aug 12 2016 - 11:29pm



Friday August 12 was another interesting day in the life of the Trailmasters.  It all began with an afternoon of Service at the Orange County Fair as members of the Trailmasters led by our SPL, Nik T., joined other Tiburon District Scouts as Laguna Niguel Day was celebrated at the Fair.   Members of the Laguna Niguel City Council led by Mayor Davies were gracious enough to greet and take the time to pose with the Trailmasters.    

This day of service continued as Two of the Trailmasters Scouts joined an evening of service in support of FeedLA spearheaded by http://www.eoto.org.    The Trailmaster Scouts participated in a project to stage and prepare 1100 School Packs with Supplies that would be part of FeedLA on 8/13/2016 as the backpacks along with 70,000 lbs of food and 5,000 brand new pieces of garments would be distributed at the Salvation Army Downtown Center to needy Families.

Quite a day indeed.....

Voice of the Trailmasters (Special Edition): Our SPL reflects upon Summer Camp 2016

Posted on Aug 9 2016 - 2:29pm

Please enjoy our inaugural "Voice of the Trailmaster" as we present this first column from our SPL as he reflected upon  Summer Camp 2016

On the Prowl w/the Trailmasters.....

Posted on Aug 9 2016 - 2:26pm

Our August 2016 Eagle's Nest is now history as Trailmasters came together to reflect upon a very successful Summer Camp 2016 and to gear up for the new year.   There are a number of very crucial initiatives before us over the ensuing Months including:

  • The Annual Popcorn Fundraising Campaign
  • The Annual Scouting For Food Campaign
  • Laguna Niguel Holiday Parade

Please be on the lookout for updates over the ensuing weeks as planning continues for these key initiatives.

Catching Up With Leaders

Posted on Aug 8 2016 - 12:15pm

This is a new "feature" we  are introducing as we periodically will be "bugging" our leadership to see what's going on.   For this inaugural edition of "Catching Up With Leaders" we happened to track down SM Bentley to see what was the latest--especially as all are gearing up for "Little jimmy's" next week.    It turns out that the PLC had been working on a Troop Mobilization Plan in the event of an Emergency--and SM Bentley was good enough to facilitate a Troop Mobilization Plan that is now published and available by clicking here (It is on Page 2) 

This is simply in line with the Boy Scout  Motto to:  Be Prepared!!

On behalf of all the Trailmasters, thank you to the PLC and SM Bentley!!

Trailmasters Newsflash (Special Edition): ****Location Change For Introductory Backpacking***

Posted on Aug 6 2016 - 9:51pm

We just got word from the SM Bentley within the past hour  in the "Trailmaster Virtual Newsroom" that the Location for the Introductory Backpacking has changed to "little Jimmy's".   PLC will work to finalize late breaking details.    Space is still available.

As We Went To Press.....

Posted on Aug 1 2016 - 5:03pm


We will have our August Eagle's Nest on August 8 at the MLC Campus.     Please also be on the lookout for updated BOR dates that is being worked on by your leadership team.   It is also hereby requested that any and all Summer Camp images to be sent to troop772@ymail.com so that we can work to curate them in our Troop Flickr Collection.

Onward to August with all its' possibilities.