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News From Around the District (7/10/2014): An Opportunity For Trained Leaders (A Reminder)

Posted on Jul 17 2014 - 12:48am

The Tiburon District Commisioner, Mr. Dart, has advised of an opportunity for leadership training through the San Diego Council.   The information has been attached in the event any of our wonderful scouters are interested in attending to broaden the view and the on-going leadership skills.

As Summer is Here: Catching Up w/our Advancement Chair (A Retrospective)

Posted on Jul 10 2014 - 9:37am

Happy Summer Everyone!!

We here at "Trailmasters on the Web" caught up with our Advancement Chair, Mrs. Chotkveys  to reflect upon a  very busy year and as we all gear up for Summer Camp.   She reminded us all how important it was to savour this time to have loads of fun and enjoy Scouting.     

She also asked us whether we knew the average age of an Eagle Scout.  We did not.   She told us that the average of an Eagle Scout is 17.1. Years during the last year such statistics were available--2011.  It has been a marked increase from 1949 where the average age is 14.1.   Needless to say--it was surprising!!  

As we concluded our interview, she wanted to remind all Scouts that, "...Many of you have worked so hard this year on projects and merit badges. Those are important, just remember that Scouting is a journey. Half of the fun is the road trip. There is no rush."

Laugh, learn, camp, hike, tell jokes and ghost stories too!

Troop Newsflash (6/30/2014): An Adventure of a Lifetime @ Camp Pendelton

Posted on Jul 3 2014 - 2:27pm

A Contingent of Troop 772 Scouts and Scouters led by SPL Connor B had an adventure of a lifetime as they had a chance to hike the beautiful lands & canyons of Camp Pendelton.    We here at "Trailmasters on the Web" are pleased to present a quick "snapshot" of the first few hours as this adventure began.    The images have been coming in "fast and furious" and we hope to have further updates for all "soon.

  A big thank you to ASM Bentley & ASM Pennel for their meticulous planning for this event.   

Please click on "Read More"-especially poignant as we celebrate 4th of July and remember how blessed we are as a Nation.

Congratulating a "Bear" Amongst Our Midst

Posted on Jul 3 2014 - 10:18am

One of our own, James C., was at NYLT this week-end.  We here @ Trailmasters on the Web wanted to congratulate him on this momentous achivement and welcome the newest "Bear" into our Midst:


On the Road w/the "Trailmasters": Another Busy W-End

Posted on Jun 23 2014 - 2:35pm

This past week-end was another week-end of Merit badges and preparation for Outings.   One of them was the "shakedown" led by ASM Pennel as the contingent--with Connor B. serving as SPL--geared up for the outing and went on a practice hike.     Please click on "Read More" to get a "Video Report" of this--as always, never ever a dull moment with the "Trailmasters"...